Virtual Organizing Services

Yes! Gotham Organizers offers virtual organizing services and remote organizing services. We can help you get – and stay – organized wherever you are. Contact us for a free session to see how we can help you! Get a sense of how virtual organizing services work – in this Real Simple article I helped a writer in Canada organize her home … Go >


NYC Professional Organizer

 I was really excited when the website contacted me to help one of their staffers organize her NYC apartment. This video gives you a sense of how we work – it’s a collaborative process. You don’t go off to Disneyland and come home to a surprise reveal. The goal is to have all your organization systems work for … Go >

The GO Organization Blog: List of Articles – Organization, Productivity, Motivation

organization productivity blog gotham organizers

After working with thousands of people just like you, we’ve proven that Less Mess = Less Stress™. We’ve made it our mission to create a fail-proof organizing process that’s easy, fast, and even fun. And our blog is a great resource to learn more about organization, productivity, motivation, and more! We have lots of great information – and inspiration – … Go >

Best Professional Organizers In NYC

The best professional organizers in NYC

We would never claim to be the best professional organizers in NYC… and, we’ve been honored to be listed in many “Best Of” lists throughout the years. We are proud to be recognized for our  work helping people become more organized, productive, and stress-free!  Here are some of our favorite mentions about the best professional organizers and productivity professionals in … Go >

35 Efficiency and Time Management Experts To Follow

efficiency and time management

We were excited to see Gotham Organizers’ own Lisa Zaslow recently mentioned as one of Capacity‘s Top 35 Leaders In Efficiency and Time Management to Follow. Capacity’s mission is to help teams do their best work. Efficiency and time management are two critical components of doing your best work, so it was an honor to be included in this list … Go >

Don’t Abandon Your Organizing Systems

organizing systems

Don’t abandon your organizing systems – they are the key to staying organized!  “I got organized a few months ago, but now things are back to the way they were.” “I tried getting organized, but it didn’t last.” Do these sound familiar? Do you think something is wrong with your organizing systems – or with you – because things don’t … Go >

8 Tips To Organize A Small Room

organize a small room

Gotham Organizers founder Lisa Zaslow  recently contributed to an article from Homelight about how to organize a small room and help it appear larger. Whether you are preparing to sell your home or just looking to get organized and have your place look and feel better, this article will help you make the most of your small spaces. Remember, good … Go >

20 Types Of Clutter (And How To Address Each One)

20 types of clutter

Since last year, we’ve all been spending more time at home. Way more time. As you look around your space, has clutter been piling up? Do you stare into a closet full of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear? Is your desk so piled with papers that you don’t want to sit down to work? Are your … Go >

7 Ways to Transform Unexpected Areas of Your Home Into Storage Space

Gotham Organizers was recently featured in this piece from the one and only Martha Stewart. In the article, Lisa shares her 7 top tips for creating additional storage space in areas of your home that are probably being wasted. From super simple hacks (think 5-minute DIY) to structural updates (custom carpentry), there is always a way to maximize space in … Go >

Why Is Getting Organized So Overwhelming?

getting organized

Recently I sat down to draft my monthly e-newsletter*, and I really struggled when faced with the “blank page” of the computer screen. That got me thinking: Often, the hardest part of any project or task is getting started. I know that can be true for getting organized. You may have heard me say that my mission is to make … Go >

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