Quick Organizing Tasks: Feel Better in 5 Minutes

Quick Organizing Tasks to feel better in 5 minutes

Sometimes, you just need a quick, refreshing task or activity to boost your mood!

Maybe clutter is getting you down?

Disorganization is sapping your energy?

Piles of paper are stressing you out?

Want to feel better fast?

As little as 5 minutes spent organizing can “re-set” your brain, your mood, and your space!

You don’t have to go full Marie Kondo (throwing all your stuff onto the floor and making decisions about every single item you own) to take actions that can spark joy.

GO try it: Keep reading for quick things you can do to feel better NOW.

And, if larger projects are causing you stress, get in touch! Together we can make a plan to propel your project forward quickly, implement it, and give you a sense of relief, control and ease.

Some projects that we can tackle:

  • Setting up a new home so it’s organized right from the start
  • Creating a workspace that works
  • Organizing closets and storage spaces
  • Developing organization systems for any room in your home
  • Clearing clutter
  • Preparing for a move
  • Making space for a new baby
  • Clearing the home of a deceased loved one
  • Finally dealing with that storage unit
  • “Merging and purging” two households
  • Whatever else you may need!


Whether you’re looking for a 5-minute reset or an organization overhaul, Gotham Organizers is here to help.


Quick Hits To Feel Better!

The cornerstone of my organizing process is my Less Mess = Less Stress System™.getting organized, quick organizing tasks


Don’t let it overwhelm you! You can get organized step by step.

This ninja mind shift can transform your mood and your energy: view every action you take as a reason to celebrate your organizing progress!

Quick, easy actions can make you feel better, fast! And you’re more likely to continue organizing when it feels good.

Toss one piece of paper? Yay!

Create a spot to put the batteries? Awesome!

Take the take-out menus out of the pile of bills to pay? Woo hoo!

Does this sound a little corny? Maybe. But thousands of clients say that hearing my cheering voice in their heads has transformed negative self-talk (“I’m overwhelmed” … “this will take forever” … “I’m not making a difference” …) into a can-do attitude that motivates them to continue.

There’s also science behind this – check out the book Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, PhD if you want to learn more about the power of celebration.

Try even just one of these quick actions to start feeling better right away. Then give yourself a shout out “You go!”, do a little happy dance, or raise your hands in victory to celebrate.

1. Commit

Commit to one small area in your home or work space that you will keep organized. Some ideas: your entry table; a kitchen counter; your desk; the top of a bedroom dresser. GO take one action towards organizing it:

Toss some trash. Ditch the junk mail that’s piled up.

Remove something that doesn’t belong in that spot. Move your keys off the counter.

Group similar items together, putting “like” with “like”. Stack your books, separate jewelry from personal care products.

Woo hoo! You’re taking action in an area that’s important to you! It IS a big deal!

2. Clear Clutter

Take out some trash or recycling that’s out and about – beverage bottles, junk mail, pencil stubs, newspapers and magazines.

Move things to the right room. Take your coffee cup to the kitchen, bring toys from the living room to your kid’s bedroom; clear off the dining table.

Delete some old emails, text messages or voicemails.

Purge a kitchen gadget drawer. Remove any duplicates, things that don’t work or that you never use.

Clear the receipts out of your wallet. (As I always say, your wallet is not a filing cabinet!)

Edit your bulletin board.

Amazing! You’ve created some space! You did it!

3. Categorize

Put long hanging items together on a closet rod. Bonus: you’ll create space below the short hanging clothes where you can store more stuff.

Organize one type of food in the kitchen – put all pastas, snacks, breakfast items or beverages to one cabinet.

Move off-season coats to the side of the hall closet that’s hardest to reach.

Sort random papers on your desk.

Well done! You’re organizing! Virtual High 5!

4. Contain

Put things back into their homes. Put pens in the pen cup – this is one of my personal favorites! (Watch the tiny video below with the volume on.) Hang up your coat. Put shoes on the shoe rack.

Re-set an organization system that’s been corrupted. Take random items out of the drawer organizer that’s for office supplies. Make sure only light bulbs are in the bin labeled “Light Bulbs”. Or change the label to reflect the contents. (Clients get a kick out of the label “Power and Light” – includes bulbs, batteries, extension cords – but not furniture sliders!)

Solve the mystery of “What’s in that container?” Open the unlabelled box at the top of the closet. Peek under the bed. Check out the 3-ring binder that has no title on its spine.

Contain loose items. Put the mail in a tray. Find a nice bowl for your keys. Use a vase or mug for pens (I can’t tell you how many of my clients have dozens of pens in multiple places, yet can never find one.)

Great job! Raise your hands in victory!

Quick organizing activities5. Continue

Straighten the books on a bookshelf. This is remarkably satisfying.

Pay a couple of bills.

Make a call or send an email you’ve been putting off.

Fold a stack of sweaters neatly.

Woo hoo! Celebrate the fact that you’ve conquered inertia and taken action. Let yourself feel good! You’re on your way to being more organized!

Are you revved up to take on more? Read about the 20 types of clutter – and how to address each one.


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