Check out some examples of our home organization transformations.


This home chef’s cabinets and drawers were so cluttered that items spilled onto counters – and ceiling! We eliminated excess items so things could be put away, making space for cooking.

Kitchen before organization
kitchen after organization


Would you believe this is the living room of an interior designer? Clutter cleared, “homes” created for items that were strewn around.


This kids’ play area was no fun. We categorized toys and helped pick bookcases, bins and a craft table to transform this space.


As soon as the kitchen renovation was complete, we arrived. The client arrived home to her dream kitchen, no boxes in sight.

kitchen organization
organized kitchen


No one wanted to go down to this dark, dingy basement. We created a functional, customized storage system with inexpensive shelving.


This bride was so overwhelmed with wedding presents she stopped opening them. We found places for everything, recommended a storage piece, and referred an art hanger.


After we de-cluttered and staged this apartment, it sold quickly at the asking price. Before, it was hard to see it had a terrace!

Before home staging
after home staging


Clutter was stressing out this client and hid the beauty of these shelves. We used attractive baskets to contain items, creating a zen-like space. Ahhh.

Before Shelf Organization
After Shelf Organization


This young bachelor was never taught anything about organizing. We put everything away in a day.


Closet designers don’t set up your new closet. We do.


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