Lisa’s Favorite Organizing Products

Want to get organized like a professional? It all comes down to the Less Mess = Less Stress™ Organization System: Commit > Clear Clutter > Categorize > Contain > Continue.

No matter where you are in the process, there are products to make your life easier!

Here are some of the organizing products that Lisa recommends to help you get (and stay!) organized for good.

Check back often! We’ll continue adding more products.

Paper Organization ebook

Are your papers out of control? You could be wasting an hour a day — or more! Lisa wrote the book on organizing papers!

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Get organized in style. These beautiful storage bins are perfect for containing small items and making the most of your shelf space. They’re great for scarves, gloves and other accessories; tech stuff; batteries and bulbs; even kids’ board books. Choose the size that works best for your space – Small, Medium, and Large (shown here). They also come in other patterns.

Interdesign’s clear bins (with integrated handles!) make organizing easy – once you’ve sorted items into categories, keep them contained and visible. Use these bins in kitchen cabinets (small items won’t get lost in the back of a shelf), in the fridge, under the sink, on closet shelves, in drawers … (This version is a handy 8″ x 10″ x 5″ high – many sizes available.)

No organizing project is complete without a high-quality, easy-to-use label maker! When everything has a home, and you can easily identify what goes where, you’ll finally be able to stay organized.

Be super-organized and stock up on extra tape for your label maker. You’ll be glad you did! Tip from Lisa: Make it easy for everyone to know what’s stored where. Put labels on: the front edges of shelves; the top edge of drawers; inside cabinet doors – note what’s stored in the back.

Lisa’s most essential tool! Quickly and clearly label almost anything, from file folders (use the ultra fine point) to large cardboard boxes (use the big chisel tip to make it easy to read). Grab the fine point Sharpie and a pack of Super Sticky Post-it Notes while you organize to create temporary labels and identify the categories of items as you sort.

A must for any organizing project! Create quick labels. (Lisa has seen her Post-its still sticking on client’s containers years later – yet they remove easily.) Identify items to donate, sell, recycle, shred or toss. Use different colors for different categories – or different people. Lisa’s secret: This size fits perfectly on a file folder to create temporary labels.

Conquer clutter and chaos quickly: do a speed sort of items and papers, tossing like with like into different boxes. Label them, pop on the lids, stack, then fine-tune your organizing systems when you have time. Essential box for archiving files and papers. (Pack of 12.)

Instant organization! Removable stick-on hooks that you’ll use everywhere. Hang jewelry, belts, bags, leashes and umbrellas inside a closet. Stick a pot-holder or cutting board inside a kitchen cabinet. Hang your headphones under your desk … Lots of other sizes and styles available for every thing.

This super slim step stool fits almost anywhere and lets you easily reach high shelves in your kitchen or closets. Much more convenient than dragging out a big step stool to grab things that are just out of reach. This light but mighty stool can hold up to 300 lbs. and is 11″ high.

Easily organize your hanging clothes! Categorize your clothes, putting like with like, then use these dividers (which even come with labels!) so you can easily find what you want to wear. No more digging through hoodies when you need a jacket for work.

Lisa’s number one tip to create space and calm in your closet – use matching skinny hangers. They really make a difference! The metal hooks glide smoothly on a closet rod – so much better than plastic hangers.

These hooks let you stack multiple hangers to save closet space. These are less expensive and easier to use than cascading hanger contraptions which come linked together.

Keep items neatly contained on a shelf – folded clothes, linens, floppy bags and backpacks, etc. Separate different types of items stored on one shelf. A finishing touch that really makes a difference. For shelves .75″ – .95″ thick.

Double your closet hanging space instantly with this additional rod; it hooks right on your existing closet rod. Lisa loves this product because you can adjust the height AND the width of the lower rod. She even used it in the closet of a $15 million townhouse! It’s great for kids’ clothes – create a rod that’s low enough for them to reach.

Super-strong easy-to-assemble shelves that come in a variety of sizes to make the most of almost any space. Customizable – place the shelves at any height. Add shelving to a closet, garage, attic, storage unit, or anywhere you need more storage. (This unit is 36″ wide x 14″ deep x 72″ high.)

Organization on the GO! Quickly corral almost anything – office supplies; school work; cosmetics; baby changing supplies; crafts supplies. 3 tiers triple your space and let you categorize items. Comes in a variety of colors and a larger size too.

Sleek, sturdy, mobile file cabinet. Get your papers under control in a small space. Full-extension drawers let you easily access all your files. A bit of a splurge, but vastly superior to rickey file cabinets. Comes in other colors too.

Keep your active papers organized and right at hand – projects, schedules, activities, shopping info … Out of sight IS out of mind. Use hanging files to contain different topics. Many different colors and styles available to match any decor.

You’re welcome! File away precious creations. Fits easily in a closet or under a bed. At the end of the school year, edit and keep only the masterpieces.

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