deskconstOrganization and productivity expert Lisa Zaslow partners with companies whose products and services help make people’s lives easier at home and at work.

Lisa’s expertise in the organizing industry and her direct connection with thousands of people, working with them in their homes and offices, gives her a unique perspective on the needs of consumers:

  • Extensive knowledge about existing organizing products
  • Insight into common challenges faced by consumers in a wide range of demographics
  • Understanding of how people operate in their homes and offices
  • Real-world perspective on the implications of various aspects of product design
  • Ability to think both big-picture and in micro-focus

Call Lisa at (212)866-9493 or email to discuss working together.

Representative projects:

  • Developed a unique approach to time management for a company that makes date books and calendars.
  • Provided feedback about the design of a new product for a major office supply products company.
  • Was the behind-the-scenes closet designer for a TV home makeover show.
  • Provided insight about the needs of busy consumers to a company developing a new category of convenience foods.
  • Recommended new features to update the design of a planner.
  • Worked with a market research company to identify trends in home organization.
  • Provided feedback about the needs of New York customers to a national retailer opening stores in the area for the first time.

Lisa understands that many companies consider her their “secret weapon” and maintains strict confidentiality with her clients.

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