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Resources to help you succeed at work

Gotham Organizers partners with top experts to optimize your workspace and your professional life.

Zing Your Brand & Co. Embed the emotional power (and your energy, creativity and courage) into your brand today so it communicates that you are who you say you are. PS Zing = Kaching!

New York’s Little Elves, Inc. For 30 years, top designers, architects and discriminating homeowners have used New York’s Little Elves to make their properties shine. For openings, closings or daily/weekly cleaning, we provide flawless, in-depth service.

Feng Shui
Open Spaces Feng Shui Feng Shui practitioner Ann Bingley Gallops uses the time-tested principles of Feng Shui to create a revitalized home or office that nourishes and inspires you.

Interior Design
Higgins Design Studio, LLC A full-service interior design practice devoted to helping busy professionals create homes and offices that support and inspire their demanding lives.

Mac Support
IvanExpert IvanExpert provides onsite Mac, iPhone, and iPad support to homes and small businesses in the NYC area. They give you the freedom to be productive and creative with your Mac.

Russ Rowland’s Snap Shop Professional photography for all occasions: personal and corporate special events, powerful portraits, creative assignments, and more.

Stacie BACH Financial Consulting Stacie specializes in setting up and training of QuickBooks to start-up and small biz owners. She is very patient and can get anyone comfortable with the program so they can use it on their own.

Website Design
Loki Loki Like our site? Contact design guru and marketing maven Cody McBurnett. She’s multi-talented, fast, creative and organized, and a joy to work with!

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