Lisa Zaslow’s expertise is regularly featured in the media!

Some recent appearances include:

gotham organizers nbc

“Tips On Holiday Decoration Organization”

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ABC News and Lisa Zaslow

“Turn Unused Clutter Into Cash”

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gotham organizers new york times

“Stretching Out Closet Space”

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gotham organizers fox news

“Turn Your Clutter Into Cash”

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CNN Money and Lisa Zaslow

“Here’s How Your Desk Should Be Organized”

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gotham organizers real simple

“Disorganized Couple Seeks Professional Help”

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lisa zaslow martha stewart

“How To Pack For A Move”

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gotham organizers nate berkus

“Car Organization Tips” on the Nate Berkus Show

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“10 Tips To Organize Your Fridge”

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lisa zaslow inside edition

“How To Turn Clutter Into Cash”

gotham organizers huff post home

“How To De-Clutter Your Kitchen”

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hgtv and lisa zaslow

“Mission: Organization with Gotham Organizers”

instyle gotham organizers

“Vanity Sanity”

abc news now with lisa zaslow

“Holiday Organization Tips”

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cnbc lisa zaslow

“3 Science-Backed Ways To Be More Productive”

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refinery29 gotham organizers

“Fall Freshening: Clear Out Junk”

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house beautiful gotham organizers

“Secret Places To Store Things”

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“Simple Decluttering Tips For Your Workspace”

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Lisa Zaslow featured in Apartment Therapy

“4 Kitchen Decluttering Tips”

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gotham organizers brick underground media

“Staying Clutter Free: An Expert’s Advice”

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gotham organizers media fast company

“How To Reclaim Your Morning Routine”

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fox and friends lisa zaslow

“Products To Reorganize Your Wardrobe”

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entrepreneur magazine gotham organizers

“Clutter Busters”

daily worth gotham organizers

“Hang On To Your Cash In The New Year”

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good housekeeping lisa zaslow

“10 Smart Resolutions Of Pro Organizers”

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“How To Declutter Your Kitchen”

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self gotham organizers

“6 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Life”

Refresh your space

“Refresh Your Space In A Day”

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new york magazine and gotham organizers

“The Best Storage Bins For Every Room”

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“Should You Wake Up At 3:45?”

“10 Tips For A Productive Workspace”

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allure and lisa zaslow

“How To Spring Clean Your Closet”

Lifehacker and gotham organizers

“How To Be A Good Desk Neighbor”

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wisebread and lisa zaslow

“9 Storage Products Recommended By Pros”

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Shop Smart Lisa Zaslow

“The Only Organizers You Need” Edition

better tv gotham organizers

“Tips For Multi-Functional Rooms”

time out new york and gotham organizers

“How To Store Your Winter Clothes”

daily news and lisa zaslow

“Why Things Disappear”

“21 Home Organization Shortcuts”

kitchn and gotham organizers

“4 Things Pro Organizers Won’t Tell You for Free”

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Gotham Organizers Featured In Redfin

Tips on Bedroom and Whole Home Organizing

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Lisa Zaslow featured in Buy Side from Wall Street Journal

“The Easiest Ways to Declutter Your Office”

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