Office-OrganizationOur office organization clients include businesspeople in a wide variety of industries, from top executives at Fortune 50 companies with corner offices to people with offices in the corner of the living room.

What are the benefits of working with Gotham Organizers? Here’s what clients have to say.

“Lisa, The session was wonderful — my office looks and feels so good that I actually feel like … working!
– Training consultant, Home office, Upper West Side

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I took your advice and threw out A LOT of stuff before we moved our offices. Now when it comes time to go through things and decide whether or not to throw them out or to file them, I just ask myself, ‘What would Lisa do?’ and you can quote me on that!”

– David Perlmutter, Perlmutter Properties Inc., White Plains NY



“I have worked with Lisa Zaslow at various times over the years in my various positions at MTV Networks.

In our human resources department, Gotham Organizers organized and simplified our once complicated (and time-consuming) educational assistance program administration process.  Lisa’s work literally shed hours off the time needed to administer this very important company initiative. 

More recently, in the legal department, Lisa has created a system for organizing various contracts and legal documents that are critical to our daily business.  Lisa’s work has resulted in decreased time looking for documents and she has established systems that our employees have been able to maintain.

Lisa is incredibly talented, professional and attuned to the needs of her clients.  I highly recommend her and know that you will be thrilled with her work product (and…you’ll really enjoy her company as well!).  She is truly a pleasure to work with.”
Linda Davidoff, MTV Networks

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“Lisa Zaslow of Gotham Organizers completed a project to re-organize our entire filing system for The Andalex Group. We needed an intricate system to address over 800 office leases, due diligence and correspondence. We had to find a method of easy retrieval and a system that was easy for everyone to use. Her work required interaction with all my executives in the firm to make sure the system worked for everyone.

Lisa can get anything organized that she puts her hands around. I would strongly recommend her for any disorganized office.
Alexander Silverman, Chief Operating Officer, The Andalex Group

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“When my colleagues began ‘commenting’ in less-than-flattering ways on the massive piles of paper in my office, I knew I needed professional help. I couldn’t use my desk anymore. I was using my couch, floor and coffee table as my ‘filing system’.

As an attorney, I like to keep all of my papers within reach, but the years of accumulation in my office was beginning to reflect negatively on me at work. Gotham Organizers took on the giant task of wading through papers, boxes and overflowing filing cabinets — a job I just could not do on my own.

The result is incredible! Lisa immediately understood my working style and tailored her plan to fit my needs. She systematically eliminated the chaos and developed a system of filing and organization that works for me. The project felt daunting, but she worked with me every step of the way and after a few sessions my desk was clear, my files were in drawers and I could see my coffee table! Using all of the creative ideas she gave me, I can continue to use the system and I will never go back. I am much more productive.

I would recommend Gotham Organizers most highly to anyone — especially to those out there that feel that the mountain of paper is too high to climb and have given up.”
-Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Fortune 50 company, Washington DC

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“Lisa, working with you was such a pleasure. I had been procrastinating about organizing my work space. It just seemed like it was too much to do in addition to my regular work. You made it easy, efficient and fun.

Before I had papers piling up everywhere. I did not have a good paper flow. I had supplies in three different areas and I was constantly getting up from my desk disrupting my work flow. Now I have an organized paper flow and my desk looks cleaner and less cluttered. I don’t have to get up all the time so I am more efficient at my desk.

Here are the three most significant improvements thanks to working with you to get organized:

1. More efficient paper flow
2. Cleaner, less cluttered, more enjoyable office
3. Able to now tackle other projects”
– Image Consultant, West Side

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“Just wanted to say thank you for the great help so far! I had a VERY productive day today because of the work that we did yesterday. Dare I say that working today was fun because I was focused and organized with what I had to get through. LOVE the OUT BOX.   Makes me feel VERY PRODUCTIVE!”

– Real estate investment firm owner, Midtown

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“Thank you for your time and efforts yesterday.  It was extremely helpful.  My desk is still clear!!! Now I am more organized, only writing in my one notebook! The key is taking action right away and not letting things pile up. Thank you again for all your help!!!
– Financial Planner, Midtown

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“I pride myself on being pretty organized and was managing okay before having Lisa up to my home office, but her suggestions have taken my office space from merely functional to incredibly effective and fun to be in. 

For example, filing was an unsolvable problem for the longest time. The amount of daily mail, new conference handouts, potentially useful articles and assorted invitations kept files bulging and sundry piles building up. Finding some things was painfully time consuming. Plus, seeing it all was a downer.

Lisa and I solved that in an afternoon. File drawers have labels, frequently-used files are easily retrievable, items under consideration have a place. And working with Lisa was fun! If anyone has any question about the value of Lisa’s organizing services, they can contact me.”
– Elizabeth Guilday, Indigo Resources, Bronxville, NY

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“I recently started working from home and it was difficult to create a work environment that is clutter free. But I found an amazing solution.

I hired Lisa Zaslow from Gotham Organizers and she was a tremendous help! She has such vision. She sees the smallest space and she comes up with creative ways to maximize it. I had a linen closet that was a total disaster and she reorganized it so that I now have an entire shelf devoted solely to the vitamins and food samples that I give my clients. Lisa also reorganized my filing system and it is so much easier to locate handouts and client information. I was wasting an immense amount of time dealing with clutter.

If you are like me Lisa’s services will make a difference in your life!”
– Nicole Glassman, Holistic Nutritionist, www.MindfulHealth.biz

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“How can I possibly thank Lisa Zaslow of Gotham Organizers? Before I met with Lisa, I was literally using a buffet table as a desk. I now have a detailed list of items that I will purchase (purely my choice), a complete, to-scale floor plan and a separate work area for my assistant to use!

Lisa worked tirelessly on my floor plan. She came equipped with tape measure, decor advice, furnishing catalogs, graph paper, my personalized organization file (mine to keep!) and TONS and TONS of ideas. Lisa is knowledgeable, smart, flexible, funny and really a pleasure to work with.”
– Lena L. West, CEO xynoMedia Worldwide, www.xynoMedia.com

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“Thank God that Lisa came into my life when I was setting up my new home and home office! I was running out of steam and patience working on my own, but after a few hours with Lisa I regained my sanity and was well on my way to making the office functional and pleasant.

Her suggestions were focused and actionable. As a matter of fact we ordered all the new furniture I needed during the first session. I love working in my home office and feel like it does not spill into my life, thanks to Lisa’s ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information.”
– Laurel Donnellan, Passion into Practice, Brooklyn

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“The office is great, and the filing is amazing! I can’t tell you how much you helped!
– Executive Assistant, investment firm, Midtown

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“Thank you so much. I’m still going through things but see an end in sight. You were great. I could not have done it without you.”
– Business owner, Upper West Side

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