Refresh Your Space in a Day – An Interview with Lisa Zaslow

refresh your space

Gotham Organizers founder Lisa Zaslow is featured on the How To Be A Better Person Podcast with author Kate Hanley to talk about how to refresh your space in just one day!

In this 15-minute conversation, Lisa shares her tips for achieving big results, with a relatively small amount of time and energy. Getting organized doesn’t need to take all day. And if you’ve wondered why it can feel overwhelming to get started organizing, you’ll definitely want to listen.

If you want to refresh your space, leave the guilt, pessimism, and shame at the door. Those negative emotions actually impede your brain’s executive functioning ability, making it feel impossible to get started. This 15-minute conversation with Lisa and Kate will get you excited, motivated, and ready to approach organization in a new, more positive way.

You’ll also learn Lisa’s Less Mess = Less Stress process, which she uses to help people with all different types of organizing projects.

The podcast was recorded in the Spring – a time of growth and new beginnings. Whatever the season, now is the time to rid yourself of things and systems that aren’t working or are weighing you down. Make room for who you want to be and how you want to live your life!

Refresh your space

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