Why Is Getting Organized So Overwhelming?

getting organized

Recently I sat down to draft my monthly e-newsletter*, and I really struggled when faced with the “blank page” of the computer screen. That got me thinking: Often, the hardest part of any project or task is getting started. I know that can be true for getting organized.

You may have heard me say that my mission is to make getting organized fast, easy, and even fun. Maybe that sounds impossible?

I know that my Less Mess = Less Stress™ process takes the mystery out of how to get – and stay – organized. But even with a proven system, it can be really hard to get organized on your own.

If you’ve struggled with organization, you’re not alone. There’s a reason I’ve been a professional organizer for 20 years: a lot of people need help! 

There’s nothing wrong with you! You’re not lazy. So, why is it so hard? 

getting organizedYou may be feeling so overwhelmed (the word I hear most from my clients) that you can barely even fathom getting started. Or, you might be so busy that even the thought of taking time to organize stresses you out.

Maybe you beat yourself up for not being more organized, and you layer shame and embarrassment on top of that. You might be nervous about the possibility of letting things go in the clutter-clearing step of the organizing process.

Or, you could be feeling pessimistic about getting organized, since you’ve tried and failed in the past.

Does it all just feel like too much?

Here’s what happens when you experience strong negative emotions like stress and overwhelm: The regions of your brain that control “executive functioning” — the thinking and planning required to get organized — don’t function at their best. You’ve heard of the fight or flight reaction to stress; there’s a third common response — freeze.

That’s where I can help. With an experienced, non-judgmental, thoughtful, trusted pro on your side, you can replace stress, embarrassment, and pessimism with calm, confidence, and hope!

If you have even the tiniest desire to improve your situation, I can guide you through the process, either remotely or in person.

getting organized

To encourage you to take that first step, I offer a special “Get Started” remote session.


In a 45 minute phone call or video chat, we’ll pinpoint what’s been blocking you from getting organized and will come up with a concrete action plan with bite-sized, doable steps so that you feel excited about getting started.

Ready to let go of stuff, stress, and wasted space? GO for it!

Email me to schedule a session.

Stop struggling to do this on your own. You deserve to feel good about the spaces in your life – your home, your work space, even your storage unit. You don’t have to tackle a big organizing project like a move all by yourself.

If you have other challenges with the 5 steps in the Less Mess = Less Stress™ process, we can address those, too:

Step 1: Commitment: Do you feel ambivalent about being able to get and/or stay organized? Do you keep putting it off? Do you hate it when you hear me say GO do it? 😊

Step 2: Clearing Clutter: Is it hard to make decisions about what to keep? Do emotions take over when you try to let things go?

Step 3: Categorizing: Does your brain hurt when you think about how to categorize things and group similar things together? Does it seem like many items or types of information fall into many different categories and you can’t narrow things down?

Step 4: Containing: Do you have trouble with spatial relations? Does the thought of purchasing the right containers for things make you want to take a nap?

Step 5: Continuing: Do you hate routine tasks? Do you often leave things “just for now”, then never get back to them?

In just 45 minutes, I can help you break out of the organizing rut you’re in and get you excited to make a change.

Let’s GO!


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