Virtual Organizing Services

Yes! Gotham Organizers offers virtual organizing services and remote organizing services.

We can help you get – and stay – organized wherever you are.

Contact us for a free session to see how we can help you!

Get a sense of how virtual organizing works – in this Real Simple article I helped a writer in Canada organize her home

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Here are some organization projects we can tackle together:

Re-purpose a space

Create a place to work from home and study centers for kids. Carve out space to work out. Create privacy zones now that everyone is always home. Make room for a 1,000-piece puzzle.

Create smart storage solutions

Your storage needs have probably changed. Your kitchen cupboards are overflowing. You’re stocking more supplies than ever. Entire college dorm rooms have moved home. You’re wearing a fraction of your clothes – and rarely shoes. Re-organize things to make the most of your space.

Develop simple systems so you can get things done and take care of yourself and others

Routines, schedules and habits make it easier to get things done. They become automatic and free up mental space. The systems you had Before may no longer quite work. This applies to everything from making dinner to completing work projects.

Get unstuck

Our biological response to danger is fight or flight – or freeze. If you can’t get motivated to do the things you want to do and have to do, there are ways to get into action.

Clarify your priorities and goals so you can focus on what’s most important

Decide what to do about self-storage

Reduce the cost of your current storage unit or decide if getting a storage space makes sense for now.

Develop strategies for sheltering at home and quarantining

Take on organizing projects you never seem to have time for

Clear out the garage. Organize your photos. Create your dream closet.

Whatever else you may need

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