Real Simple Magazine Features Lisa in an Article on Virtual Organizing

Writer Anne T. Donohue describes her experience working in virtual organizing sessions with Lisa.

Click the link below to read the article and see the charming illustrations by Anne Bentley:

Real Simple – Adventures in Organizing

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After an initial phone call, Anne emails Lisa photos of her space, and completes Lisa’s worksheets to describe her situation and organization challenges.

Lisa quickly identifies do-able changes so that Anne can make better use of her space, including:

– Rearranging and moving things to different places for more efficient storage
– Recommending organizing products to help use space more effectively
– Uncovering underlying patterns (“emotional clutter”) which got in the way

Lisa provided a clear process, along with encouragement. Anne, who started off a bit skeptical, writes:

“I (made the change Lisa suggested), certain I wouldn’t notice a difference. But I did! Suddenly the room felt brighter and more aesthetically intentional. I liked being in it! … I wanted to see what effect her other suggestions would have.”



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