10 Tips To Clear Clutter – Easily!

10 Tips to Clear Clutter Easily

Looking for ways to improve your productivity and efficiency? Getting organized is the single most valuable action you can take to make your life a little easier. But when you’re surrounded by a sea of clutter, it can be difficult to identify how to get started. Luckily, there are some easy ways to clear clutter!

Try one (or all) of these 10 simple tips to transform what can seem like an overwhelming task into a do-able, satisfying activity that makes you feel good.

10 Tips to Clear Clutter Easily

1. Start with a relatively small project with a clear, motivating goal. Clear your desk so you have room to work. Edit the coat closet so you can easily find the jacket you want to wear.

2. Let GO of the easy stuff first. Check out the blog post 20 Types of Clutter which gets you going with the “no-brainer” things you can easily toss, then builds up to how to deal with items that can be harder to release.

3. Don’t get bogged down in decisions. Create a “ripening bin” for items you’re not sure you want to let go of; put them in a box and re-visit them in a month or so.

4. Put stuff away. A space can look cluttered when things haven’t been put back where they belong. The chair in your bedroom is not an extra dresser.

5. Not sure where to put an item that doesn’t have a home? Start by getting it to the right room. Slap a Post-It on it that says “Create a home”. Don’t put it in the wrong place “just for now”. Stay focused on clearing clutter before you address it.

6. Turn on music that energizes you. It can also drown out any negative self-talk. Don’t beat yourself up for not dealing with this sooner; cheer yourself on for taking positive steps now!

7. Don’t GO it alone. Some people need a “body double” to be present so they stay focused and motivated to do certain types of tasks. Work with a (nonjudgmental!) friend – or a professional organizer. It can be really valuable to have someone help you make decisions about what to let go of. If you’ve been struggling to clear clutter on your own, give this a try.

8. Watch TV, listen to a podcast, or chat on speakerphone while you work. Clearing clutter doesn’t take up too much brain space, so you can multi-task.

9. Make it a game. See how many pieces of clutter you can let GO of in 10 minutes, or set a timer and see how quickly you can put 15 items back into their homes. Get family members involved and make it a contest. The winner can skip a household chore.

10. Have a reward picked out for yourself for when you achieve a goal in your clutter-clearing project. Woo hoo! It’s important to celebrate your accomplishments. While living with less clutter may be its own reward, you’ll be more motivated to deal with that “scary closet” if you know you’ll be getting a treat when you’re done. Perhaps a nifty new organizing product? (Check out my Best Organizing Products)


Schedule some time to try a few of these tips and let me know how it goes!

I’m here to celebrate your wins – and to help with any challenges.

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