Virtual Organizing Services and Remote Organizing Services

Yes! Gotham Organizers offers virtual organizing services and remote organizing services.

We can help you get – and stay – organized wherever you are.

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Get a sense of how virtual organizing works – in this Real Simple article I helped a writer in Canada organize her home.

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Here are some virtual organizing projects we can tackle together:


Take on an organizing project you never seem to have time for

It’s been on your to do list forever. Together, we’ll get it done. Create your dream closet. Clear out kitchen clutter. Get your papers under control.


Re-purpose a space

Create a home office that works. Make room for a baby. Carve out more closet space. Take back your kid’s old room.


Get unstuck

If you’re not feeling motivated to do the things you want to do and have to do, we’ll get you into action.


Be more productive

We’ll pinpoint the ways that you can use your time more effectively and create customized strategies to do your best work.


Develop simple systems to get things done

Routines, schedules and habits make it easier to get things whether it’s managing the mail, making time to exercise or making dinner.


Finally deal with your storage unit

It’s been months – or years – since you’ve been there. We’ll create a plan to deal with the stuff and cut your monthly costs.


Whatever else you may need!

Virtual Organizing Services

Virtual Organization Services and Remote Organization Services With Gotham Organizers

Get organizing help customized to your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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