Turn Your Clutter to Cash! Watch Lisa on ABC News

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Newsflash – the clutter in your home could be worth thousands of dollars!

The average American home has more than 50 unused items which are worth over $3,000 according to a survey done by eBay.

Gotham Organizers founder Lisa Zaslow joined ABC News correspondent Paula Faris to show an Atlanta family how much their clutter is worth – and how easy it is to turn clutter into cash.

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Lisa’s top tips for turning your clutter into cash:

1. Know what your item is worth.

Use eBay’s advanced search feature to see the price that similar items have sold for, and to see the price of items that didn’t sell.

2. Think like a buyer when selling online.

Use keywords in your title and description when listing items on eBay to make it easy for buyers who are searching to find your item. Brand names and new items sell well – mention specific brands, model number and condition. Take great photos to make your item look attractive.

3. Books and DVDs are easy to sell online.

www.mybookbuyer.com compares prices offered by a variety of different sites.

4. Get expert advice when selling antiques and collectibles.

Don’t sell a valuable antique for a pittance – and don’t get your hopes up that you’ll be able to retire by selling grandma’s tea pot. Auction houses will often give you a free estimate of the value of your item. Try www.instaappraisal.com for a free appraisal online.

If your item doesn’t sell, donate it to a charitable thrift shop. It will do good and you can get a tax deduction.

GO Try It!

Look around and pick a few items that are cluttering up your place and see what you could sell them for on eBay. Why not take a few minutes to list them? It’s free – and you could make some cash and clear some space!


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