How To Reclaim Your Morning Routine

how to reclaim your morning routine

Gotham Organizers’ Lisa Zaslow was recently quoted in this piece from Fast Company about how to reclaim your morning routine after the pandemic.

Can you relate to this sentiment about the past year?: “We went from having a routine to asking, ‘What day is it?”

If so, this article is for you!

As we transition into the post-COVID world, it’s important to reflect on what changes were (and were not!) helpful for your daily routine. Be intentional so that you can build on the new, good habits and let GO of any bad habits you might have developed.

how to reclaim your morning routine

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Here’s an excerpt:

Before the world shut down, you probably had a morning routine. While it may not have been perfect, most of us had a certain way we started the day and got to work. Enter COVID and that went out the window. Commutes vanished and responsibilities changed, virtually overnight.

“We went from having a routine to asking, ‘What day is it?’” says Lisa Zaslow, owner of Gotham Organizers, a New York-based organization and productivity consultant. “Morning routines were cut loose, and we were being thrown curve balls. The transition was hard.”

Creating a new morning routine—albeit a fluid one—was dependent on your circumstances…

One of the morning routine challenges was losing the clear-cut transition between personal and work life, says Zaslow. “It created a mental blur and some people stopped showering or getting dressed, which made it worse,” she says. “Without the clear separation between work and home, we had to switch focus in an intentional way. Rolling out of bed and turning on your computer is not the same as a 20-minute commute to the office where you regroup and get in gear.”

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