10 Good Reasons to Put Your Stuff in Storage


Yup, you read that right: if you have more things than can comfortably fit into your home, this Professional Organizer isn’t preaching that you must radically de-clutter or become a minimalist. Sometimes you have more stuff than space. It doesn’t mean you’re an organizing failure.

Of course, it doesn’t pay to store things that you don’t truly need or love, but if you’ve got a small place, don’t have a garage, basement or attic, or are simply maxed out and want to create some breathing room, using storage strategically can be a smart way to make the most of your space.

Be sure it’s convenient for you to get things to and from storage. If you live in a major city, full-service storage solution MakeSpace delivers free storage bins, picks up your stuff, and delivers it to you when you want it. Use code MAKER-LZ and you’ll save $100. 

If any of these situations sound familiar, it may be time to expand your space without expanding your home.

1. You’re selling your home

Potential buyers don’t want to see a cluttered home: it distracts them from seeing your place’s best features and sends the message that you don’t have enough storage space. Store excess items and your home may sell faster and for a higher price — it’s been reported that clutter can cost you 5-15% when selling a home.



2. You have “archival” items you need or want to keep

Just because you need to keep papers for legal, tax or compliance reasons, it doesn’t mean you need to keep them in your limited living space. If your precious mementos are taking up precious space in your home, store keepsakes, kids’ artwork and family documents so you have room to make new memories. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters, your important items may actually be more secure in storage.

3. You’re saving things for a younger child or new baby

Do the math on the costs of storage versus the cost (in money and time) of re-buying items that could be handed down. Factor in the joy of knowing your next child will wear the tiny sweater that your aunt knit. Move out age-specific clothes, furniture, books, toys, and other items until you need them.



4. You have items you only use seasonally

Make space for the things you use now by putting seasonal clothes, sports equipment, entertaining items and holiday decorations and costumes in storage. If you love clothes but have tiny closets, this can be a game changer. When the seasons change, swap out what’s stored.

5. You’re doing a home renovation project





If you’re re-doing your floors, remodeling your kitchen, or taking on another large project, you’ll need to store your belongings while the work is being done. Even if you could fit the stuff into a living room corner, renovations are stressful enough without that additional chaos. Build the cost of temporary storage into your reno budget and help save your sanity.

6. You need time to pare down your possessions

If you’ve recently inherited a lot of items or have had to down-size because of a divorce or other difficult event, you may not be emotionally ready to deal with your stuff yet. You may want to enjoy the spaciousness of a home with less stuff ASAP, but need time to carefully sort through your possessions before you can let them go. Put items into storage temporarily and sort through them when you’re ready.

7. You have things you only use occasionally

You don’t have to live with jam-packed closets and cabinets all the time if you have a lot of things you only use some times. Free up space by storing rarely-used items like specialty china and entertaining items; large suitcases and pet crates; clothes and accessories for special occasions.

8. You’re renting out your home or a room

Your tenants need space for their belongings and you’ve got personal and breakable items that you don’t want them to use. Store excess items that you don’t use on a regular basis so you can make extra cash without cramping your style.

9. You’ve got additional people living in your space

If you have a new baby, romantic partner, spouse or elderly parent moving in, you’ll need to make room for them. Create space for baby’s things by storing items you’re not likely to use while you have a little one – extreme sports equipment; glasses, dishes and décor for elaborate entertaining; huge suitcases for long trips. Clear space for a new partner or parent by storing off-season clothes, books and knick-knacks.

10. You’re a collector

Your collectibles don’t have to take over your whole place; even museums can’t display all their treasures at once. Showcase a portion of your collection so that you can admire your prize finds, and store the rest. You can periodically rotate your exhibits, just like the pros. And, if you live with non-collectors, this can help create peace – as well as space – in your home.

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