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Looking for a New York professional organizer to transform your home or office?

  • Lisa Zaslow

    Founder Lisa Zaslow

    With 10+ years of experience and a Master's in Organizational Psychology, organization and productivity expert Lisa Zaslow is regularly called upon by the media and companies to provide practical tips and insight to make life easier.
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    Can Organizing Save Your Marriage? Yes!
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Looking for a New York professional organizer to transform your home or office?

If this sounds like you, Gotham Organizers can help:

“I’m overwhelmed by stuff and papers. I need to clear out my space but I have no idea where to start!”
“I spend way too much time searching for things – and not enough time on what’s really important!”
“I have so much on my plate. I need to improve productivity and organization in the office so I can stay on top of everything.”
“I’m moving and I’m totally stressed. I can’t imagine how I’ll get everything done!”

We can help! Our proven Less Mess = Less Stress™ process makes getting organized easy, fast, and even fun.
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    We’ll help you create a home you love! Clear clutter. Maximize space. Create simple home organization systems. Organize papers. Manage a move or renovation. And more! GO →


    We’ll help you create a workspace that works, in your company or home office. Increase productivity. Organize papers. Master time management. Maximize space. And more! GO →

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      Credit: If you’re hot and bothered, you won’t be at your productive best. As we enter the “dog days” of August (whatever that means), here are some tips so you can keep your cool – figuratively and literally. Chill out – reduce stress In times of stress, anxiety and anger, the body’s fight or flight response kicks in, setting off a variety of physical reactions that reduce your ability to perform at your best. Everything you do will take more time, require more energy, and will be more likely to contain errors. In the heat of the moment, follow Read more →