Holiday Organization Tips for Less Stress





Frantic about the holidays? This time of year you should feel #blessed, not stressed! Follow these holiday organization tips to save time, effort and energy this season.

First, stop beating yourself up for not picking up gifts for everyone on your list all year long and for not having your cards addressed before Thanksgiving. It’s time to focus on what you can do.

Presto Presents – Technology is your friend. Use the power of the internet to pick, click and ship gifts for everyone on your list, from clients to cousins. There is no faster, easier way to get your shopping done. The quickest solution: gift certificates will appeal to a wide range of folks. If you must get actual presents, hit a few big stores at off-hours and knock off many items on your list in one shot.

Wrap It Up – Why wrap? I’m a big fan of tissue paper and gift bags. Super-speedy and no tape, ribbon, scissors or origami skills needed. Before you run out to buy supplies, search the backs of your closets. Most of my clients have long-forgotten stashes of wrapping paper and bags. You probably have 2 or 3 rolls of tape lying around too.

Go-to Hostess Gifts – One for all and all for one. Get a slew of one great item – a nice bottle of olive oil, beautiful kitchen towels, fancy nuts and/or chocolate, or the tried and true gift soaps or bottle of wine. Pick up a bunch of gift bags and you’re good to go. Or, dare to re-gift — pass on some presents you’ve received but never use. A clutter-clearing bonus.

Speedy Decorating – Go minimalist. Candles are quick, inexpensive and festive. And you can use them year-round so you don’t have to use up space to store them. Cut a few evergreen branches and stick them in vases of water. Eco-friendly and easy-peasy.

Feast without Fuss – Let someone else cook. Put pre-prepared foods on nice serving dishes with a little garnish and no one will be the wiser. Ask your guests to contribute dishes and lighten your cooking load. You can hire a caterer to cook entire meals or just a few key dishes.

Quick Cards – Again, technology is your friend. Cut and paste a photo into an e-mail and you’re done, or send an electronic greeting from one of the many online e-card sites. If you really love the idea of sending physical cards, you can extend your deadline by a few extra days and send New Year’s cards this time around.

One Last Note

Take a deep breath and remember that the true spirit of the season doesn’t require any of the above. Spend your time with friends and loved ones, not running around trying to fulfill an idealized vision of the holidays that may not fit your current lifestyle and values.

Wishing you a happy, peaceful, joyful holiday season.

Need some hands-on help to implement some of these holiday organization tips? Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from an in-person organizing session. It might be the best gift you give to yourself!


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