homeOrgWhat are the benefits of working with Gotham Organizers on your home organization project?

Here’s what our clients have to say.

I love my files! I love being able to find everything I need. This evening my 6 year old daughter asked me for something. I told her to open file cabinet and showed her how it is organized, and she found what she was looking for!”
– Mary Geraghty, Image Consultant, Queens



“I worked within our new to-do system today for hours. I got so much accomplished. I tended to mail I had put aside a long time ago. I used the binders, the hole puncher and the label maker. I knew where everything was and it flowed beautifully.”
– Mom, Upper East Side

“Before working with you, I would wake up and feel tense. My apartment felt totally chaotic, the energy was stuck. It seemed so overwhelming, I didn’t even know where to start. Now I love my home! You’re the best. I can’t believe it.”
– Manager at entertainment company, Hell’s Kitchen

“Thank you so much for helping us with our move. I don’t know how I would have handled it by myself. Every night I’d say to my husband, ‘What would we do without Lisa?
– Artist, Greenwich Village

Lisa, you have so improved the quality of my life! As an interior designer, I really react to my surroundings. I can’t believe how much better my space feels and looks. My drawings and portfolio materials are now safely stored, and I can actually find them quickly. I can finally find things in my linen closet and on my cosmetics shelf. I even purged and updated my Rolodex. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Heather Higgins, Higgins Design Studio, Manhattan

“I am so glad that you were able to come and help me get things in order while you were in Chicago. It does make everything seem easier when someone else is helping ‘sort the stuff’. I so appreciate your insight and help which has truly has helped me get from underneath the piles.”
– Regina Otten, Illinois

Thanks again for all of your help with the closets!  Our lives have been completely changed because of them and I thank you for that!”
– Working mom, Upper East Side

Lisa was so gentle and supportive. Forget the massage at the spa. A session with Lisa will have a more lasting beneficial effect. I was so shell-shocked by a duffle bag full of papers and Lisa and I got through them! I brought a ton of stuff to the office and used the shredder — it was so therapeutic. It was terrific to spend time with Lisa and to have her hold my hand through that ordeal.

What I really liked about her approach is that she listened to what was do-able for me, took my ideas and gently critiqued them, and then formulated a plan that took into consideration my limitations and aspirations. For example, she did not try to get me to sign on to a Filofax system; instead, she worked with my current ‘system’ and suggested a minimalist organization approach that would increase the likelihood that I would follow it.

Another thing that was terrific was that she gave me ‘permission’ to throw away my Con Ed bills, etc. (which I of course treated like tax returns, intending to keep them forever). I also appreciated that she did not know what she was getting into, but was able to absorb my chaotic ways and plan a course out of the jungle. In short, she was terrific.”
– Attorney, Upper West Side

“I have been busy busy here working on the kitchen and am about to move to the bedroom. I bought a great shredder and stepladder as per your suggestion and it really does help. I also ordered new living room furniture.You have inspired me!! I could not have it done with without you and I am forever grateful.”
– Nurse, Midtown

“Hey Lisa! I’m so excited — yesterday I had a little extra time and I did a super super tune-up and now the area on top of my cubbies is completely clear. Just that small change makes the whole room automatically look better.Up until this year I’ve always had times when I’d slip for a few days, but lately I finally feel that I am completely reformed from my formerly disorganized ways!!
– College student, Manhattan, who was almost expelled from boarding school because of her chaotic dorm room

“Thanks so much for your help!! It was a great start in organizing not only my filing system but life!! I appreciate all you did for me. You are a kind and talented woman with awesome ideas!”
– Network marketing manager, Long Island

“Hey there Lisa. I wanted to share a big victory. I have continued slowly, moving from one small area to another. I looked at a pile of papers which I dreaded going near. However, by the time I got to it, in actuality, it turned out that it was not as daunting as I had envisioned. Then I cleared out plastic bags, shopping bags and more paper. It was quite a lot. A momentum built up and almost like a clean sweep, I accomplished my goal. I cannot tell you how good it was to do it and live with the results now. I never could have continued this on my own without working with you first.
– Administrative Professional, Chelsea

Gotham Organizers helped me arrange my new apartment in a way that was both functional and tailored to my own aesthetic. Lisa Zaslow paid attention to my needs and priorities, then used these as a guide for designing a sensible living space. For example, in the kitchen she rearranged my food, flatware and appliance storage in an efficient way that accounted for my love of cereal.
– College Professor, Chicago

“The last time I got laid off, I bought myself jewelry. Now, getting organized is my present to myself – it’s so much better. I have to do this to feel ready to start my job search.”
– Financial Services Professional, Upper West Side

“I’m making progress…spices are organized, old teas have been discarded, brooms are hung up…I’m in action mode! I am going to organize my files at work using the system you took me through. Thanks again!”
– Wall Street Professional, East Side

“Lisa, Thanks for being a great ‘couple’s counselor’ on the day of your visit. We have continued working on slowly but surely, tossing out stuff that isn’t being used, just taking up space. The office space feels better. Thanks for everything.”
– New husband, Harlem

We had our closet system installed yesterday. It is perfect! Many thanks for the encouragement and for designing the closet for us.”
– Lawyer and new mom, Upper East Side

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